Window tinting can turn a plain car into something sexy with one visit to Corky’s

Limited time offer of a 5 window tint for a midsize 4 door vehicle for $165!

You know that car. The one you’ve seen driving around town, dark windows, sleek and stylish. You want that car. You want your car to be that car.

Good news. You can have that car with Expert Window Tinting from Corky’s Detail Shark.
Corky’s Detail Shack of Reo Town in Lansing can turn your car from drab and boring to sleek and sexy with expert window tinting services.

Window tinting is a great way to give your car a sleek new look without major changes like adding body kits or a new paint job. The auto detailing specialist at Corky’s Detail Shack have the precision detail and the experience needed to apply window tinting correctly to your car or truck to give it the smooth look you’re after.

Corky’s can correct amateur window tint.

Unfortunately, not everyone that offers window tinting services are expert in their techniques. When you get your car windows tinted by an amateur, this can leave bubbles, tears and blue tints on your windows that age quickly and look bad on your car. If your window tinting is bubbling, call Corky’s today. We can correct botched window tints and have your car looking like new in no time.

Call Corky’s to schedule your window tinting appointment today with an auto detailing specialist today.

The auto detailing specialist at Corky’s are car lovers and pride themselves in offering the best window tinting services in Lansing. They are educated on the latest auto detailing trends and use precise technique to make sure your window tinting is applied correctly the first time. Your car is your pride and joy and it deserves the services Corky’s is offering. Call us today.