Cold climates can do a number on your car

In Lansing, MI we know winter. We thrive in it. But road salt, snow, ice and wind can do a number on the outside of our cars. Freezing temperatures and wet climates can cause wear and tear on our vehicles that turn in to unsightly rust spots. If proper precautions aren’t taken to protect your car from the elements, rust spots are almost guaranteed over time. If you’re noticing rust spots on your car, don’t wait. Call the auto detailing specialist at Corky’s today.

Corky’s can fix your rust spots, the right way.

Not all body shops are the same and not all body shops remove rust spots from your vehicle the right way. Make sure you call a body shop that is known for their expertise on the proper techniques of repair auto body damages including rust spots.

The auto detailing and repair specialist at Corky’s Detail Shack will check the severity of each rust spot and will then sand, prime and paint your car back to its original shine. We have the technology to digital match any car color to make sure each spot disappears after our repair is complete.

Don’t let minor rust spots turn in to major auto body repair jobs.

Before the rust spots become too severe, call the auto detailing specialist at Corky’s today. We can schedule your appointment right away to get your car looking like new as soon as possible. We look forward to working with you!