What’s more aggravating than a dent in your car?

Has your car door come in contact with a shopping cart outside the grocery store? Did someone bump your rear end in traffic? Did you get caught in a hail storm? Small dents and bumps in the body of your car happens. When these situations occur, you want the damage fixed as soon as possible with the least amount of wear and tear to the existing paint job. If you’ve been looking for a way to fix these minor dents in a cost effective way, you need an auto body shop that offers Paintless Dent Removal. You need to call Corky’s Detail Shack.

Corky’s can fix dings, bumps and dents in half the time and half the price.

Corky’s Detail Shack of up and coming REO Town, Lansing Michigan is the only auto detail shop in the area that offers Paintelss Dent Removal for those annoying dents and dings in your vehicles’s body.

Paintless Dent Removal is the process of safely removing dents from your car’s exterior without damaging the existing paint job. This method uses special metal rods, body picks or glues to put out the dent. It is a unique and safe way to get those minor dents and dings out without damaging your paint job.

Paintless Dent Removal is not only the most effective and safe choice to remove minor dents and dings from your car but it is also the cost effective choice. Since we can remove those problem spots from your car without effecting the paint job, it cuts down on overall cost for Corky’s expert auto detailers which cuts cost for you. It’s the best choice for dent removal.

Corky’s Detail Shack | Convenient Location, Expert Work

Corky’s Detail Shack is conveniently located one block south of 1-496 in the trendy neighborhood, Reo Town in Lansing, MI. Our expert auto detailers and auto body specialist can have your precious car back on the road, looking sharper than ever in no time. Call us today to schedule an appointment or come by the shop today. We look forward to working on your car!