Professional Auto Detailing Services from experts who know cars.

Corky's Detail Shack | Lansing, MI

At Corky's Detail Shack, we offer complete auto detail services from industry experts that know and love cars just as much as you do. You can trust that your car is in good hands with every detail.

Check out our detail services below:

Corky's Ultimate Detailing

When you purchase Corky’s Ultimate, you benefit from the only service in Lansing that offers to remove your car seats to steam clean the vehicle’s interior!

Corky's Ultimate Detailing includes:

  • Clay Bar Grime Removal from paint: This services will sand away any paint, making the surfaces of your car smooth like a glass.
  • Power-buffing: We understand every detail of power-buffing that we will follow the airflow of the car to prevent the wax spread. We will take care of every part that will avoid the dark plastic area
  • One-year paint protect.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!
Price: Only $169.95 + $29.95/Hour Labor including materials.

Detailing Price List:

$29.95/Hour Labor including materials

Interior Shampoo:Oversize vehicles:
$10 per seat
Complete job

Hand Wax Detailing
Complete Wash and Tire Dress
3-Month Guarantee

Corky’s Detailing Shack Does More Than Auto Detailing

Auto Services and Accessories

Whether you need window tinting, automotive accessories, oil changes or more, you can get all those services at Corky’s Detailing Shack. Read below for some of the other automotive services we offer.

$19 Oil changes with any Detail!

Offering Amzoil - Premium oil for your car with a 25k mile warranty!

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