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If you take pictures with your car. If you wash it every weekend. If you have your pride and joy sitting in your garage right now, we want customers like you.

Corky's Detail Shack located in Reo Town, Lansing, loves your car as much as you do. We want to be your go-to auto detailing shop for all your high end body work needs. Whether you want a full detail before your date this weekend or want to take care of some rust spots on that 1950's Chevy sitting in your garage, we have you covered. Stop in and see us today. We can't wait to work on your car.

Back in to a pole this weekend? Was your car victim of a run-a-way cart at the grocery store that left a dent in your door? Minor dents and dings happen all the time, but that doesn't mean you have to shell out big money to get them out.

Corky's Detail Shack is one of the only body shops that offer Paintless Dent Removal to get out all minor dents and bumps on your cars exterior. This is a fast and cost effective way to get those dents out without damaging your existing paint job. Click on the link to learn more about our Paintless Dent Removal Service.

If you've been looking to give your ride a sleek new look, window tinting is a great option. When you are picking an auto body shop to complete your window tinting job, you need a specialist that is educated on the latest techniques of applying window tint to avoid bubbles and rips on your windows.

Corky's Detailing Shack specializes in expertly applying window tint to cars, trucks and other vehicles and offers a one-year guarantee on all window tinting work. What do you have to lose? Schedule an appointment with Corky's today.

If you're restoring a beautiful '69 Camaro or if your car has been subject to the harsh elements of Michigan winters, call Corky's today. At Corky's we can provide professional rust repair and restoration for cars old and new. We utilize proper sanding and restoration techniques to get rid of problem rust spots on your vehicle. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

Corky's is run by car lovers for car lovers. If you like to take care of your car as much as we do, call us today! We provide high end auto detailing for our customers that love to keep that car shining like the day they bought it. Click here for our full auto detailing services and bring your car in today!

Need an oil change? We can do that too!

Corky's offer high end and bargain oil changes with any detailing services! Call us today to schedule your appointment!

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